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Hands Free Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

HSD903 comes with as a base unit that needs batteries(three 1.5 volt Alkaline C-cells) and sanitizer to work.
Method One-- Buy Prepackaged HSD-Refill’s and get gel that is prefilled and guaranteed to not be contaminated and is easy to install. They come only in packs of 4 one liter bags which is equal to 1.05 gallons.
Method Two-- Buy the RR903 refillable dispenser and manually fill them with your own local gel sanitizer. We suggest you get more than one. The refillable dispener holds 1000 ml or 1 liter. You can adjust volume to your sanitizer.

DSD903 is 11.8” tall 3.75” deep and 4.3” wide, Has warning light for low battery and adjustment for range sensitivity. Housing is Reinforced ABS Plastic. All internals have 3 month warrantee. Unit also has adjustment for amount dispensed and on prepackaged refillls you will get about 850 squirts per liter at standard volume.

Products are manufactured in South Korea and can be delicered to you in 2-3 weeks.   Prices include freight
Indoff Inc. is happy to accept PO’s and give credit terms.

Part # Description Specifications Wt Ship Spot List
HSD903  Touchless Hand Sanitizer dispenser Silver Wall Hanging  1000ML capacity 2 Korea  $    91.43
HSD-Refill Hand Sanitizer dispenser refill pouches (4 per case) Four 1000ML pouches  Total of 4 litres 9 Korea  $    82.86
RR903 Hand Sanitizer dispenser reservoir (refillable)    1000ML Empty 1 Korea  $    10.00
ST903 Black Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand   16 Korea  $  152.86
HSD-RR Touchless unit with refillable resevoir inside it Delivered price in US with 2-3 week delivery 16 Korea-no frt  $ 77.00

See Stand options > Stand

Delivered Price on 1,000 pieces 2-3 weeks Under $77 for HSD+RR
On 1,000 piece orders we can include RR903 inside HSD903 and offer special pricing-PN is HSD+RR- Call Al at ext 111 for dealer price


HSD-Refill in a HSD903