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Comparison of Three
Aluminum Box Trays / Chalk Trays
for Flush Wall Mounting

IND-4 Tray


439 Tray

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Pieces over 8' 2" must ship via truck
Lit Prices Below - Packaging charge will apply- ask for quote
Series IND-4 is the best
Manufacturers, contractors and dealers call for discount!
Box Trays


439 E MTM-0? R    
Base price per ft $5.00 $5.94 $11.45    
Lengths stocked 8',  12' , 16' 24'4" 4' , 8'  12'    
minimum order 8' 24'4" 4'    
Cut charge for only 8' & 12' $4.80      
End Caps that fit box trays          
     Plastic Met02 Grey only  (r) Yes No Yes $14.50 Set  
     Small Cast Met-03-01  (r) Yes No Yes $31.50 set  
     Large Cast End-Cap  (e) Yes Yes NO $18.00 Set  
FOB Point Ohio - A Ohio -E Pennsylvania -R    
Mounting Clips every 18"
***Needed to mount
Clip-439 E
order separately
$.60 each
Clip-439 E
order separately
$.60 each
clips included
extras at $.62 each
Wt per ft .753 lbs .753 lbs .753 lbs    
Availability Extensive Extensive Extensive    
H-Bars from this location
use to save freight
IND-6 #489-E MTM-0?    
lengths of pieces are +/- 1./8"     All trays need rivets or screws to hold in place see End cap mount  

Kits of IND-4 w/plastic end cap see Kits

Large Cast End Cap - light Grey
Medium Price $18 set
Only fits on 439 tray
Most Common
worst looking needs Rivets
1-3/4" wide
1.5 lbs per set

Small Cast End Cap
Highest Price $32.60
Only fits on Ind-4 & MACT-1 tray
Good looking
1/2" wide
4 oz. per set

Plastic End Cap
Lowest Price $14
Only fits on Ind-4 & MACT-1 tray
Best Looking
1/4" wide
1.5 oz. per set

Trim - Mullion- H-Bar IND-6 #489 - E MTM-0? R  
Price per ft $1.40 $1.96 $4.00  
Stocked Lengths 4' , 8'  12' pre cut
+ $8 cut
25 ft min buy
Add cutting cost
4' , 8'  12'  
Clips to mount to wall $.46
order separately
need 1 per 16"
order separately
need 1 per 16"
Included 1 per 16"
extras at $.50 each
FOB Point 45241 Ohio 44240 Ohio 17756 PA  
weight per ft .185 lbs .185 lbs .185 lbs  
Box trays that ship from
same location all together
IND-4 439 MYT-0?  
 IND-6, 489 or MAT01 can be used with any style tray    all are anodized aluminum

439 on left ind-4 on right Mact1-1 not shown but all three very close except for end caps that fit them
Mounting to wall and joining box trays below

bracket 2-1/8" tall p/n "Clip-snap-on Tray"

also see Trim - Mullion- H-Bar

Snap-on trim all  are 1.75" x .31"