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Aluminum Framed from Ohio

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See Ohio Mounting   Ohio vs Plastic
OHIO Aluminum Framed boards are MarkaSteel backed with 1/4" hardboard,  Trim is 1/4" thick with two 1/2" legs P/N A2180

Tray available in light Gray   picture below -- trays are $3.00 per ft       Magnet method add $1.00 per ft

Tray is KR4619 is plastic an it sticks out a hair under 2" into room it snaps on. with no fasteners and can be removed

Ohio Anodized in Dark Bronze - some inventory available in general it adds about $.50 per ft to trim cost and will probable add to 2-3 weeks to lead time.    Note Eyehooks and Angle Brackets are still aluminum colored.   Black plastic tray available!

see more pictures at  Marker Holders                   Bid Specs for Ohio Frame

click on wall mounting  for full page picture

1/4 thick framing hook style no brackets or screws provided -  just two hooks at top of board


See Optional  Angle bracket for Mounting $.50 each  will need 4 per board 


Ohio frame with Aluminum Tray Option permanent


Productions Pictures
The plastic tray is very nice and clips on with no tools



  For Mounting L Brackets
 see bottom of this mounting page


also Aluminum short tray
#196 Available

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