Magnetic White Glass Boards
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Besides size the other options in Glass Boards are

1. Do they take Magnets
2. Is Glass see thru to rear or is the background white or available in other colors.
3. Style of mount - pass-through, visible edge mount or totally invisible
4. built in tray
5. Warrantee
6. Custom Graphics
7. Tempered glass or plain
8. Glass thickness 4mm-1/8", 5mm=3/16" 6mm=1/4"

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Magnetic - White - Pass Through Standoff Mount  - Best Priced Arcon

Magnetic - White - Invisible Mount  - Best Priced but non standard sizes Invismount-Magnetic

Claridge Units - Claridge glass

Ask us about our Magnets for Glass Boards such as WB250H

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