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Floating Frameless Design Mimics Glass
New design that is so Affordable - Available 9/15/2020
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Indoff    - Sold Nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax

Disinfectant Resistant
Take Magnets
Markers Hang on board
Offset from Wall
Takes Magnetic Trays

Many Pictures

Also see Snap Frames for
 posters and inserts

One Page Summary

Way less than Glass with a comparable frameless look that stands off the wall
**Insert can be changed in under 1 minute with 1 person and no tools**

It takes our magnetic marker rings
it takes printed magnets

it is a Floating design like Glass boards
it is Frameless
it has rounded corners
it is changeable
Insert can be double sided or you can store in layers
its Disinfectant Resistant

Neodymium Magnets hold overlay and lens cover to board with no slippage and easy changeability
4 of the 1/2" diameter White Discs are the standard one's supplied

bigger stronger magnets are options

Changeable Options!
1. Single or double sided Syntisol under DaPlus10 lens Cover
   A.  You can add 2 more inserts as storage
2. Get Peel and stick cover with DaPlus2 on it so no need of lens cover
3. Get double sided insert with Daplus2 on both sided for 30 second change
4. Put on Magnet Overlay w/Daplus2 and No need for corner magnets

Overall Options
1.  Have white steel be dry erase
2.  Order bigger magnets

Steel in 3 thicknesses
23.5"x36"  size
16 gauge .060"   13.4 lbs   needs 1-2 center standoffs
14 Gauge  .074"  16.8 lbs   will need at least one center standoff
11 Gauge .119"  27.4 lbs  no center standoff needed

Center standoff does not go thru board it is just so steel does not flex when erasing or writing

90 degree countersunk hole so flathead screw sits flush

White Powder coated 23.5x36 sheet without overlay and lens cover
Flathead screws leave a perfectly flat surface.

Can be done ina any color but standard is white!
Can also be done in dry erase powder coat paint!

Corner view no overlay (Standoff, spacer, steel panel, flathead Screw

side view of standoff, spacer and steel
if have glass that needs printing see
 Printed Overlays for Glass Boards