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Product discontinued for a clear film that is high gloss see DaPlus

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High durability. Low gloss finish

PearlCoat dry erase film is the ideal markerboard solution.

Whether used in new markerboard manufacturing or as a covering for existing walls and structures, there's no better multi-purpose film.

PearlCoat film provides a long lasting, scratch resistant solution that rivals any dry erase product available. But what sets this coating apart is its low gloss (< 40 @ 60) surface. Not only does this feature significantly improve the viewing and readability of dry erase markers, but it also allows the markerboard to serve as a projection screen.

This dual functionality creates an interactive communication tool. Projected images can serve as a backdrop for real time discussion and work sessions. This dramatically transforms the whiteboard into a robust, flexible medium which encourages user participation and generates dynamic presentations in both corporate and educational environments.

In addition to its performance features, PearlCoat has the advantage of application versatility--it can be applied to various base film products, allowing markerboard to be applied to numerous surfaces. And PearlCoat on clear film can be placed over existing walls to retain the wall's original color and design.

Clear PearlCoat our Projectable Dry Erase Film
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