3'x4' wide no tray  single color for school


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All  are list subject to dealer discounts   4/07  
  board printing finish   approx $ each
steel panel with rounded corners no frame MarkaSteel-MG die-sublimation
2" radiused corners   $76
Plastic framed steel MarkaSteel-MG die-sublimation
plastic frame   $119
least durable melamine screen 1 color aluminum frame   $64
least durable melamine screen 1 color wood frame   $57
longest lasting ceramic steel Baked 1 color aluminum frame Claridge series 4 $169
Aluminum Aluminum die-sublimation
rounded corners   $66 Estimate
sq cut hardboard 1/8" hardboard die-sublimation
none saw cut Based on $100 4x10+$90 print $126
  on trays on any of above        
  HES job