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Steel Dry erase blanks - not printed

13" x 21.75" x- 1/16"  with 3" radiused corners

Die charge to start project with any quantity of order-

$500 one time charge

Basic board on Marka-steel MG without  any de-burring or adhesive must be ordered in lots of  500 $7.40 each deduct $1.00 if get 2,000 all in one order
Adder to go to Marka-steel HG   $1.25 per piece
Adder to get and apply 18" x 20" strip on back of PSA   $1.50 per piece
Adder to file Edge   $1.30 per piece


Note on filing--

We cannot warrant that filing the edge will make any difference whatsoever as to the propensity of the steel to cut someone. Our process would be to make one pass with a file on the flashed edge (the back side). Continued filing actually sharpens the edge. I donít recommend messing with this edge.






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