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Building Codes and Wiring.
    3 ft or shorter jumpers are acceptable almost everywhere if daisy chaining.   Initial power to daisy chain will be standard wire power whip 

What is a tombstone?  it is the socket that powers standard fluorescent bulbs and other bulb replacements

UL approval: 
These are ETL tested to UL standards and rumors have it that the bulbs that use the tombstones due to the fact that they now with the ballest bypassed have 120 or 270 volts and there is nothing to stop someone from putting a fluorescent bulb back in.   With AEF the tombstone is dead


DLC approval: 
    All AEF LED Units are DLC approved with AEF HIGH Bay unit approval pending 6/30/2016
   New DLC 4.0 may require 110 Lumens per watt which will make most of the low cost bulbs non compliant


Rebates:  Most programs will be excluding tubes that go into tombstones.
    AEFDirectConnectLED is listed as a "Retrofit Kit" and does not use tombstones.

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