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Mounting of End Caps to Trays

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Kits of IND-4 w/plastic end cap see Kits
Large Cast End Cap - light Grey
Medium Price $18 set
Only fits on 439 tray
Most Common
worst looking needs Rivets
1-3/4" wide

Small Cast End Cap
Highest Price $31.50
Only fits on Ind-4 & MACT-1 tray
Good looking
1/2" wide

Plastic End Cap
Lowest Price $14.75
Only fits on Ind-4 & MACT-1 tray
Best Looking
1/4" wide

End Caps will need to be fastened to Trays
you can use Pop Rivets or Screws


For Plastic end cap drill a 3/32" hole thru tray and end cap before mounted to wall.  Then insert a #6 by1/4" sheet metal screw.
One screw should be fine but you can do two.

We can supply these for $.15 each
but they are not included as with end caps