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18x24 Boards
Get Printed or Plain???

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Are you trying to decide if Printed boards are a Luxury --- see info below  all are 18" x 24"


The Printed MarkaSteel is a good deal even without the printing - with the printing its a clear choice

Surface Printed Erase / Life quality Model Price Each 40 pcs Frame/ tray
MarkaSteel YES full color Very Good MarkAsteel-MG $37 plastic / no tray
Ceramic steel Blank-white Best 50 years LCS-2018-6 $54 less 15% Alum / with tray
Melamine Blank-white Poor- not recommended MLC2018-6 $28 less 15% Alum / with tray
Melamine Blank-white Poor MLC18-6 $33 less 15% Wood / with Tray
Melamine is a very inexpensive plastic coating used for low grade furniture.  It happens to work fairly well with dry erase markers for a time but depending on use and care the inks will start to stain the wood below the plastic surface and cause permanent shadowing and staining.  Schools never specify melamine boards and almost exclusively specify ceramic steel.   The MarkaSteel surface is far superior to Melamine......

No one is ever happy using melamine for long. Buyers are happy initially with the price but the unhappy users do catch up with the buyer.

Melamine when screen printed is also has bumps at the printed area since the pink is on top.   The ink can be knocked off or discolor if not black by the markers.   The dye sublimated ink is a color change of the surface and does not stick above the surface.








Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/01/07