RL50-24" x 36" Dry Erase Boards  
Economy Non-magnetic models

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Prices subject to resale and volume discounts

24"x36" printed dry erase tablets on chipboard
both magnetic and non magnetic 

For Magnetically receptive  boards see MarkaSteel

This is a 50 point chipboard based board that can be made either as a plain white dry erase board or it can have a single or 4 color image (that is on a piece of 80# coated stock)
laminated between the chipboard and dry erase.

corners can be 1/2" or 1/4" radius and 1/4" bleed needed

These will be offset printed on 25" x 38" stock   8/07

Subject to resale and dealer discounts

model # size Quantity Image   price each  
  24"x36" 50 4 color     digital print
    100 4 color   $38.20  
    500 4 color   $12.06  
    1000 4 color   $8.50  
    1500 4 color   $7.57