Standard Shapes of Aluminum- No Die Charge

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.025 Aluminum (non-magnetic)
with A full 4-color image printed on its white dry erase surface.

Corners will be rounded and there will be four 1/8" mounting holes

These are more than a steel blank but do not need a frame!

this also can be done mostly in black and then are great to mark on with fluorescent markers and other products designed to mark glass like surfaces ======>  see Black Markers

Can also can be stamped to a shape as in speedway sign below

CGWA Size Page

weight approx .37# / ft2

These are the standard dies we have made. Therefore you only pay the per piece price on these and save the $500 die charge.    They can be printed either portrait or landscape.   The gray borders shown are embossing that is available at no charge and makes the pieces substantially more rigid.


click dimensions to see full-sized image.

20" x 16" (no emboss)

6" x 18" (embossed)

24"  x 18" (embossed)

12" x 24" (no emboss)

36" x 24" (embossed)

8" x 36" (embossed)

18" x 12" Nostalgic design (embossed)