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Introduction to Forbo Cork Purchasing and Installation
Review our Website fully to understand the nuances of this product!

1.  Freight Damage - You are responsible for inspecting incoming cork and either refusing damaged material or signing the bill of lading noting damages.  

2.  Adhesive - Make sure you have the proper adhesive and apply it correctly with the correct dry times taken into account

3.  Installation Skills - This product is not easy to install and we advise against it if not skilled or not willing to order extra material and practice.  This is especially true if seaming is required *See seaming

4.  Skilled installers need to make sure material is good before they put it up, check for or order matching dye lots, make sure wall and wall surface is suitable and use the proper adhesive and adhesive amounts. 
 *See installation Video  and  Install Manual  and FAQ's

5.  Stock and ordering see explanation about "subject to Prior Sale Terms"  also understand rolls are from 86 to 96 ft in length.

6.  Refunds returns and restocking *See Returns.   Be sure of the color and the quantities needed.  There may be restocking fess from 25% to it not returnable at all.

7. Dye Lots -different Dye Lots of the same color can be noticeably different!
If you are putting two pieces next to each other make sure they are from the same roll or if from two different rolls be sure the rolls are from the same dye lot.   If you order multiple rolls and do not specify that they need to be from the same dye lot  they probably won't be.   If many rolls from the same dye lot are needed they may not be available.   *See seaming

8. Leave Plenty of time for Shipping and for Cork to Acclimate.  Make sure you have time to install it correctly!



Please call with any questions before submitting your order!  Don't wait until the cork has been cut and shipped!  has all the information

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