Installation directly to Walls of Forbo Cork

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7/25/05 new tip from Nick at Interiors Group in NC.   To assure adhesion everywhere you can while cork is drying on your wall cut up a bunch of corrugated pieces and get out a staple with 1/2" stables.  use the corrugated to keep the staples from marring the Forbo cork and to minimize gouges when removing the staples.

Nick also mentioned that if a lot of material is put up in one room and the ventilation is limited there is a slight linseed oil smell!

If you have never installed this material on a wall before then we strongly recommend that you do a sample section and check on it the next day rather then go in and bang out the job the 1st day.

Also old walls with many layers of paint that have prrr adhesion between layers can also caise real problems when you adhere the 1 lb per square ft material to the outer layer!     Its best to install on new wall or if wall integrity is questionable to mount to masonite on the floor and then mount masonite to wall.