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All Invisimount boards take magnets and are white and have a hidden mounting system   Float Style
All have tempered glass and a 20 year warrantee

Trays are included

Special Introductory prices below....... Large orders will ship freight free!
Model Size Thickness Tray wt List Intro $    
G3922IMW 22"x39" 6mm-1/4" yes $151.95 $81

G5028IMW 28"x50" 6mm-1/4" yes   $309.95 $166    
G7442IMW 42"x74" 6mm-1/4" yes   $643.95 $343    
G8548IMW 48"x85" 6mm-1/4" yes   $919.95 $438    

Quartet Invisimount float style Comes in Non Standard Sizes but a great Value

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