Glass Dry Erase Boards
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Plain White

Arcon Affordable and some special sizes
Claridge glass


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Printed Glass Magnetic from China
Vivid Boards - Call Al for quote

Also see Frameless Offset Steel Boards that Mimic glass

Main Categories of Glass Boards

1.  Glass Board - Not Magnetic - Not Printed -just a solid color Usually white

2.  Glass Board - Magnetic - Not Printed -just a solid color Usually white

3.  Glass Board - Not Magnetic - Printed back in full color

4.  Glass Board - Magnetic - Printed back in full color

Main Mounting Methods

1. Standoff Pass through holes in the glass               

2. Standoff visible edge mounts

3. Invisible behind board can't be seen


Other factors when buying
besides mounting, Color, Taking Magnets and Printing

1. Thickness of glass  Glass thickness 4mm-1/8", 5mm=3/16" 6mm=1/4"

2. Warrantee

3. Is glass tempered safety glass

4. Is there a built in tray if needed


see layout ideas for Glass 

Ask us about our Magnets for Glass Boards such as WB250H

also see Magnetic Trays