Only Indoff offers such a broad Range of Projectable products,
some with and some without dry erase capabilities

For Projection only see ==> Projection Only  
 for both projection and dry erase see=> Projection + Dry-Erase

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Projection - Project on a writable wall or surface or get a projection only wall or surface

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Added feature of Projectable surfaces: Projectable surfaces are low gloss this feature results in a reduced glare from overhead lights and windows

Wall covering to be used for
Surfaces that allow you to project on them via LCD projector and then add to your projected image with dry-erase markers.
The Indoff Team at specializes in Low Gloss Projectable dry erase Boards and Surfaces.   click on Projection & Dry-Erase guidance on selecting your very useful surface.   You will be presented with both flexible wallpaper type solutions, to rigid boards and elaborate systems

Below are actual Screens or walls for projection (not for dry erase)
The Indoff Team at has the ability to supply your building, project, or room with a wide range of projection surfaces.
if you need to project and dry erase see above if your needs are projection only see Projection Only

Note NuVuWall can be written on with dry erase markers but it is hard to clean and therefore is best as a projection surface that can tolerate and not be ruined by an "accidental marker"



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AV items and Screens