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Ghosting / cleaning on Porcelain enamel boards
A. Care and Cleaning
Whiteboards: The porcelain enamel finish is glass coating on steel and can normally be cleaned with
any commercially available glass cleaner. It is very important however, to remove any glass cleaner
residue from the surface with soap and clean water (dry with a clean cloth) to prevent any reactions
between these residues and the solvents or inks in dry erase markers. Permanent markers can be used
on porcelain enameled writing surfaces and the image removed with almost any mild solvent such as
alcohol – again the solvent residue needs to be removed with soap and water.
Dry erase inks left on a whiteboard for weeks or months may require a mild solvent cleaning to fully
remove old images and have a clean board for future good service. Frequently cleaned writing surfaces
are easier to maintain. Heavily soiled writing surfaces often present the problem that subsequent
images cannot be cleaned and “smear or ghost” into the existing soil on the surface. This heavy soil
must be removed, generally with a solvent, and the surface fully cleaned and rinsed with water.
Chalkboards: All cleaning, other than erasing is best accomplished with clean water. Solvent-based
cleaners are not recommended, as they will leave a residue in the texture of the surface that will be
difficult to remove.
If your board is MAGNETIC and is a ceramic baked coating not a vinyl or plastic or paint over steel use this link Alliance.    This is all Ceramic or Porcelain Steel such as LCS or Alliance P3,  Quartet P3 etc see =>Alliance

Note if your board is MarkaRace Steel or our custom printed MarkaSteel-MG do NOT treat it as ceramic steel - see MarkaBoard Cleaning instructions since the surface does not have the hardness of ceramic and porcelain

If not above see general cleaning at this link General  
White Board Maintenance and Cleaning

Low-Odor Markers - Please be aware that Low odor markers can be the cause of poor performance on some markerboard surfaces.   In general standard Expo markers work much better.   Low-Odor markers cause poor results with Polyvision Low Gloss P3,  and many of our MarkaWall surfaces.
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