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Actual Installers


Installation in General:

We obviously are not local to you but we provide the best advise and pricing on a wide range of  dry-erase and wall covering products.  We find that 98% of our customers have either a full time in-house tradesmen or an on call sub-contractor that can do a great job at a substantial savings over a specialized installer.     We suggest you show your tradesmen our installation instructions, if they have questions call us for more info.    If you need an installed price with installation we will provide a nominal trade discount to your installer so he can quote you the job complete with materials, so have him call us.

If you still can't find an installer call us and we will look through our sales records to find an installer in your area.


Colored and Natural Cork  Generally Installed by a Paper Hanger or Painter

Factory install guide      

Forbo-install     start here it has links to all relevant information on installation

Glue and cutting tool information


Installers of
Vinyl Dry Erase by MarkaWall   Generally Installed by a PaperHanger or Painter

MarkaWall main installation index


markawall over chalk boards 

Uneven or damaged surfaces - very important




Installers of

Steel Skins by Claridge / Alliance  Generally installed by a Carpenter
this also applies to our MarkaSteel-MG panels

Alliance P3 steel skins

images of steel skin installation

Claridge Skins installations  

Also our Double Sided Tape tape will work

MarkaBoard MarkaRace Phenolic panels

hybond adhesive  the production method

you can also apply as you would "Steel Skins by Claridge/Alliance" above

Using Double sided tape

Uneven or damaged surfaces - very important