Pressure Sensitive Backed Dry Erase Products
Not Printed

Master Index of all visual communication products

PSA  and dry erase Combination products

for printed see Custom Printed PSA

Indoff  selling Nationwide
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Products below are PSA backed and are great for labels where you need a true dry erase surface
They will have to be field Cut
Below are Rigid Surfaces

SP04  if interested in 4x8 or 4x12' sheets of dry erase film on a .035" rigid styrene backer with a PSA line call us.    Product is expensive about $300 per sheet unless you get into large quantities then we go to $80 per 4' x 8' sheet

Peel and Stick Resurfacing Skins

Flexible Surfaces
all have PSA backs - These have no magnetic properties unless placed over steel
EZWall - Cost Effective Dry Erase  MZA50
made in 50" width only

EraseWall - projection and dry-erase MEA50
made in 50" width only

KBF Series - Clear and white films both low and high gloss

DaPlus 3mil peel and stick Clear



Flexible Surface
PSA backed dry erase plus Magnetically receptive see ......

New MagWall-Lite   Affordable and Magnetic 48" width. Comes in only a 50" width and are sold by the linear ft.  

Flexiron is not magnetic but its a magnetically receptive flexible material with iron particles inside so magnets stick to it- only in 24" widths


For Magnetic backed (will stick to Steel)instead of PSA

see Magnetic backed dry erase