Portable Boards with Stands
Great for ER departments without Walls
Casters also available   updated 2/7/2012
Also see Rolling Operating Room

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reference number B-14-set

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ref #A3935

Mounted to Steel base

Pricing is without  freight and will be extra
$70 go to print is included in price
  1 unit 2 units 3-5 unit 6-9 unit 15+  unit
B-14  wt 24 lbs  48" post
Sign with Ohio aluminum frame with Masonite back
and DaPlus film

Complete Package

$363 $260 $227 $218 $171
B-14/17 Pedestal Wheel Base optional $30.00 $30.00 $30.00  




B-17  wt 40 lbs 50" post is also available but B14 works best
Bolts for B-14 post holes are 5/16" diameter x 1" long and are supplied

of course can be printed with any information and layout you desire
These are for field assembly.   5/16" Holes will be drilled in the board and all bolts will be supplied.


This one was a 18 x 24, A3935

See actual layout below.


Actual photos below.
These were 1st trial without a frame but boards in future will be done with our Ohio Aluminum frame to keep masonite backer attached to Steel skin