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The new magnetic dry erase material that will win you over for exceptional value in a plain white surface.

It's price will stun you when you look at printed and framed pricing


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yes you can buy material in coils of 48" width

in 16,000 lb range list price is $2.16 / lb subject to large discounts

coil material can be slit to metric width of 120 CM (approx 47.24") for about $.06 per lb of coils (based on total weight of coil)


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one lb is very close to 1 square foot .. depends on the thickness of the steel when rolled

normally the .024" uncoated steel weight .96 lbs /ft2
the coating for our media surface adds approx .04 lbs / ft2 

that brings it to about 1 lb / ft2 

the protective film which is sometimes added weights .05 lbs / ft2