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 EZ-2 trim is our new aluminum Extrusion that uses a force fit corner brace rather than a pop riveted one.   Its stronger, easier to build and cleaner looking.


New Frame adds approximately 1/2" to outside width and height and covers 1/2" of board face

 EZ pictures
These lengths can be mitered for additional charge so you can make your own framed boards
EZ-2 uses force fit (no rivets) corner bracket to finish frame and board grows by 5/16" each side
EZ-2 updated 4/28/2021
length Ft per piece   $ per piece at  
67" 5.58' Not-stocked    
93" 7.75' Not-stocked    
108" 9' Not-stocked    
129" 10.75' Stock $31.12  
148" 12.33' Not-stocked    
EZ Mounting Clip $.52 each stock   4 needed per board
 Force fit Corner Bracket
$.50 Stock force fit 1 or more


Trays for EZ-Hang below that can be used.  Note EZ hang Mounting Clip angle brackets will not work with trays, you will have to use angle brackets/L-clips.     see bottom tray detail at bottom

EZ-Hang Big tray#  2032 $5.36 ft stock    
EZ Big #2032  finished edge $19 adder     cost to have us clean up edge
EZ-Hang Tray Small #196        
Installation for EZ-2 Hang Full page   old EZ-1
New EZ-2 Force fit bracket INDGMI-69-1 much cleaner design
Old EZ-1 Screw in corner bracket
EZ-1 #1919 old style
per ft $3.10 good 2020    
 EZ Mounting Bracket
for Old style EZ-1
$.50 each only one hole in it 2"x2"x1/8" angle
1/2" wide
Screw in Corner Bracket $.50 pop riveted in not available  

uses pop riveted corner corner bracket and board grows 1/16" each side


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