Memo to Go Boards
Jan 2007 - no longer made
see Small FRP   or Alum Blanks


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New Product

Memo to go is a dry erase white board that was originally designed for use in the car but soon found many other places to be used because of its unique miniature size. The total dimensions are approximately 5.75 inches in width by 4.5 inches in height. The surface of the board is magnetic. It is framed in a solid vinyl frame that comes in black or white. Colored frames can be special ordered. It includes a black marker with an eraser tip.
Many styles available as standards see Stock images

**prices below are list call for dealer and volume discount price **

Quantity Size Price each Lot price
24-249   $9.94  
250-499   $9.52  
500-999   $9.08  
1000-2499   $8.66  
2500-4999   $8.22  
5000+   $7.64