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Grommet-Style Card Holders


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860-632-2028 Fax

Hanging style clear card holder

Strong, 8-gauge vinyl with
welded non-rip seams

Reinforced, 4-hole style to hang
on hooks or use Plastic Cinch
Straps or Plastic Snap Rings

Ideal for warehouse and storage locations where magnetic or adhesive backing is not suitable

grommet-style holder on wire rack
Pictured: Card Holder # HG3X94


Card Holder Applications
Bar coding on freezer racks and refrigerator shelves
Identifying locations on wire racks and wood shelves
Hanging product data on pegboards
Labeling containers and larger products
Card Holder Options
Other hole patterns
Include sized, color Datacards


Four-Hole Style
H" x L"
Pkg Qty Holder
Part #
3 x 5 25 HG3X54 28.00
4 x 6 25 HG4X64 30.50
3 x 9 25 HG3X94 32.50
4 x 11 25 HG4X114 38.50
8-1/2 x 11 25 HG84X114 53.50