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We have some great pricing for both end users and wholesale to resellers on flat magnet strip, rolls and sheets.

We have magnet that you can print by Screen, UV, solvent and eco solvent inks or We can print it, laminate with dry erase and cut to size.   We also stock plain magnets that are not printable and have a pressure sensitive back.

Major groupings are +below or call for help

All listings below are for materials that are magnetic

1. Printed Dry Erase Magnets
We have sold tens of thousands of printed dry erase magnets.  We can do sizes from a 1" circle to 48"x10 ft scheduling layout.   We can combine thousands of names and titles and have them produced with different background colors.   In Short ...... Call us for a magnet quote if its one piece or 10,000.

Examples of Printed Magnets


3. Blank Magnet Stock
Magnetic Sheets, Strips, Rolls. label holders from 1/4" to 48".  Wide range of materials available in different thickness's, roll widths and surface treatments from pressure sensitive to printable vinyl.

Use as is or print on it, write on it or laminate it for dry erase yourself

2. Blank Dry Erase Magnets
We can make you blank dry erase magnets in almost any size shape or color.     We can provide various qualities of dry erase and have everything set up to provide fast quotes and speedy delivery

4. Magnetic Label Holders & Name Tags
   These are mostly small sized items for, 1, 2 and 3 on this page but links 
   below will get you to these items faster

These can be:
    a. Pre-printed - see Name Tags  Small without dry erase
    b. Dry erase but not printed
    c. Pre-printed and dry erase - Name Tags  Small
    c. Writable but not dry erase -Writeable
    d. Wet Erase ones are here Wet
    e. Holders  to take printed or written inserts

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Label Holders
If you are looking for materials that hold magnets see Magnetic Receptive Index

DaPlus our Best in World dry erase laminate to do your own laminating
We have some great pricing for both end users and wholesale to resellers.  Let us Quote You!
Please call to discuss your needs.  We are very good at this.  Contact Allen at 860-632-2026 x 111