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Flexible Magnetic Stock
in Rolls, Cut Strips or Sheets

Indoff    - Sold Nationwide

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We have multiple sources and can be extremely competitive in both cost and lead times.
Magnetic Printable Stock also see White vehicle signs

    For small label jobs click here          Magnetic Sheet Color Printed      For Large jobs click here

For Label Holders both Magnetic and self-adhesive go here =>  label holders etc
For Colored or White Vinyl flexible magnetic stock to "write on" => white
because of bleed thru we recommend that labels be put on the white vinyl
This page is for "Flexible Magnetic Roll Stock"
we define it as flexible brown magnetic material where one side is self adhesive or (bare) and the other side just plain brown magnet or printable white.
available in widths from 1/4" to 24" on rolls or in cut pieces
available scored to size on rolls so its easy to remove release film

custom Widths and lengths are available

Below are standard magnet thickness and some general guidelines -
see links below table for standard pricing   note 24" is maximum width

Thickness Fractional Thickness
Availability Pull per
slit width
std raw stock width
1/64 .015" min of 400 sq ft      
1/32 .030" stocked most popular 2 Oz.   24"
1/16 .060" stocked most popular 4 Oz. 1/4" 24"
3/32 .094" stocked 6 Oz.   3"
1/8 .125" stocked 8 Oz. 3/8" 3"
5/32 .156" stocked 9 Oz.   3"
3/16 .187" stocked 10 Oz.   3"
1/4 .250" stocked 12 Oz.   3"

Production Rolls

24", 30", 40" 48" now  Best $
24" wide  ==>
Magnetic Sheeting
1/4" to 3"
Flexible Magnetic Roll Stock widths from
best deal =>New place


Tape -House Brand 2   ==>

Aigner Roll Stock ==>
Printable Magnetic Receptive- at great pricing
Print it yourself or have us to it
 Putting labels over over flexible magnetic stock     We do not recommend this because labels bleed thru - use White vinyl flexible magnetic stock to put labels on.  it will look neater and won't bleed thru.
↓↓ Items below are not "flexible magnetic tape" but are closely related ↓↓
PrintMagnet  in 8.5" x 11" sheets
 regular or perforated for business cards

Flexible Label Holder Magnets
magnetic data card holders

These pre-formed magnetic channels are designed to hold pre-printed or handwritten data cards that can be paper thin up to 1/32" thick and 3/8", 13/16", 1-5/8" or 3" wide
Housebrand B     Aigner        Housebrand A

Magnetic Flexible Label Holder
Flexiron is not magnetic but its a magnetically receptive flexible material with iron particles inside so magnets stick to it.  Some Flexiron is not dry-erase
Magnetic write on symbols
Please Call for large Quantity Pricing - we have the best pricing on big jobs
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