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Aluminum EZ Hang Frame
style 1 and 2

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Our new improved extrusion for the EZ-Hang Frame system is IND-2 which replace our EZ-1 extrusion.     All boards will be made with the IND-2 extrusion unless noted.   The EZ-1 extrusion is not stocked anymore and is more costly and a longer lead time.
Most boards made after Oct 2011 are IND-2
The only slight negative is that while you gain more useable board the outside dimension of complete frame grows by 1/2"
see Trays if need a tray note  different mounting and look

Standard EZ-Hang
No Tray
  OLD EZ-Hang  
Extrusion Name IND-2   EZ-1  
Depth from  Wall 1" same 1" Same
Mounting Clips       Same
Frame Connection Invisible Press Fit Joint
Better - very strong joint
  Visible Pop Rivets  New is much nicer and stronger
Amount of Printed Board  Face that is Covered 1/2"
Better more to write on
  3/4"  More Board space
 for free
Aluminum extrusion width
from front view
3/4" Same 3/4" exact same look
Price on price pages
Better - our standard now
  special quote New is much better
Backer used behind skin Board Used 1/2" Same 1/2"  
Lead Time Normal   Add 3-Weeks to normal  
Overall width & height Growth
over nominal board size
3/4" Gain from useable dry erase surface is lost 1/2" gain in overall outer frame size 1/4"  
Notes when Trays are installed        
196 Tray 1.5" deep only one
**uses 1/4" backer
**face covers 3/4"
**  3 Sided Frame used
  can't do  
2032 tray 2.5" deep Special order Not popular since it sticks out an extra 1" from wall Special Order  


  New- now standard  

About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

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