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Trays for EZ-Hang Frame
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Pricing of EZ hang if you want to make your own frame

EZ Hang Trays are are available in a large tray and a small tray.  Both are aluminum and add to cost of boards
Also when you use the tray the bottom requires an exposed L-7/8 Bracket  and the board loses its sleek finished look in the bottom view.      Frame
See Old vs New for more frame dimensions and details
Details 196 Narrow 1.5" tray
(Normal Adder see price page)
mounted using EZ-2
2032 Wide 2.5" tray  in EZ-2
Not Available
2032 Wide tray in EZ-1
Call for quote & lead time
Backing Required 1/4"  Board goes in 1/4" grove   1/2"  Board goes in 1/2" grove
Face of Skin Covered by frame 3/4"   1/2 to 3/4"
Size L bracket used for bottom      
Extrusions available already 18x24 P 
24x36 L and P
Lead Time for adding trays extra weeks may be needed if custom extrusion is not designed and in stock (call)    
Custom sizes with trays Call for quote    

Big tray on left small tray on right

We really recommend getting standard EZ hang with a separate Box Tray

Bottom of tray requiring L-Brackets rather than the EZ-hang Clip bottom of 2032 in this picture 
Tray covers 1.5" of bottom and sticks out2.5" from front of Frame.
Big tray on left small tray on right
Tray covers .75" of bottom and sticks out  1.25" from front of Frame.

Install Manual    Installation of EZ with trays

Mounting info dimensions!

install Top to brackets and hang board on top ones making sure its level,  then mark line along bottom of frame and measure up 1.5" and use that mark as centerline for screw for lower clip


Big Tray #2032 Small Tray #196

About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   1/20/2012ind-3 future design of #196

Installation for EZ Hang No Tray