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Roll Cork Our Specialty
Best Pricing when bought in rolls!

 This page is for full rolls only  not smaller cut pieces or tiles

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Colored Cork

All Cork

Natural Cork


Home Indoff  CT is  your one stop source for cork in rolls

Full Roll Sizes for best Pricing
      Rolls can be cut to any length but price is more
Material Thickness width Length ship by
Colored Cork 1/4" 4' or 6' 85' to 95' Truck
Natural 1/16" 4' 105'  
Natural 1/8" 4' 200' Truck
Natural 1/4" 3' 100' UPS
Natural 1/4" 4' 98' UPS
Natural FR 1/4" 4' 89' UPS
Natural 1/4" 4' 105' Truck
Natural 1/4" 5' 98'-105' Truck
Natural 1/4" 6' 98'-105' Truck
Natural 1/2" 4' 12' Truck
1/2" cork made by glueing two 1/4" pieces together

Dealer /Contractor Discounts are available on rolled cork please call or email us for a quote and dealer sheet!


            less than roll lengths see Colored Cork      All Cork     Natural Cork

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Colored Cork 
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Colored Cork Trade Names
Forbo Cork under the Tac-A-Cork name but it is exactly the same product distributed by Claridge as Claridge Cork, Walltalkers/RJF as Tac-Wall, Mark-a-Wall as Tac-a-Cork and Polyvision as Forbo Colored cork and Plas-Cork by March 

Dye Lots
If doing large jobs with many rolls of colored cork let us know if you require the multiple rolls to be from the same dye lot.  We can usually provide matched rolls  

FAQ's on Cork

We can ship material on our carriers w/ our discount applied or ship material collect.   Either way we will get you tracking numbers and help you get goods as fast as possible.

Installation Video
installation manual   
Colored Cork Installers by city state

Natural Cork -Natural cork index
 is comprised of premium quality, pure grain, natural cork. Its smooth, resilient surface allows pushpins, tacks, or staples to be easily inserted yet still hold firmly. Available in 1/8" and 1/4". For an extra measure of security, flame retardant natural cork is also available. This is not self-healing

Pricing -
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Full rolls stocked for 24 hour shipment
We are a master distributor and can pull from several different location depending on your situation.

Underlayment Grade


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Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   3/21/07