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Tac-a-Cork Ordering Questions Answered about lengths, cutting to size and cutting costs

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Colored Cork Wall Covering
We have three different manufacturers (Claridge, Tac-A-Cork brought to you by Mark-A-Wall & Polyvision) we buy from so there are some differences in cutting, roll size etc.

Information on this page is based on the standard 48" material.  All 72" material is special order from over seas.

This material is UPSable up to 70lbs, anything over 70lbs must go by common carrier.  Approximated weight is 1lb per square foot.  Standard roll size is 48" x 93 linear feet approx.  Material is ordered in linear feet. Claridge Tac-A-Cork and Polyvision will ship UPS up to 70lbs which is equivalent to 17 feet linear ft.

Tac-A-Cork and Polyvision roll sizes are very close to 93' in length.  Claridge will ship what is available which means if they have a 98' roll that's what will ship and what you will be billed for.

Pricing on Claridge product is based on either under 200 sq. ft. or over

Cutting of this material is available.  If an order calls for standard 48" high material by anything less then a full roll (93lf APPROX) there is a standard $60 cut charge.  This cut charge is based on ordering from Polyvision. 
Claridge will cut material for $.44 per linear ft. based on the less than 200 ft2 price
Tac-A-Cork cutting is $3.00 per ft

Polyvision will slit down length wise to give you a piece 24"hx93'linear feet.  This then makes the lead time about 2 weeks and the cost for this one cut is a standard $150 cut charge.

If several cuts horizontal or vertical are needed - I.E.-  six pieces 48" hx10' long, the cost is 35% of total cost of the job, approximate lead time 4-8weeks.  Polyvision is only manufacturer to provide this service.

These cuts are not guaranteed to be exact - there may be slight deviations in measurements due to the fact that this material is not cut on a machine but by hand.

You can make your own cuts - This material can be cut with a straight edge and a standard utility knife or with a band saw.

When factoring in cuts to your order please add in any waste that you may have.