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Dry-erase Paint

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We do not know of any (equal to dry-erase wallpaper) dry erase paints.    I doubt that there will ever be a good one made but if it is we will offer it.   The reason a dry erase paint will not work well is that for a surface to be a good dry erase surface it needs to be

1.  very smooth - if not very smooth markers will not write well and surface will not allow erasers to clean it

2.  very impervious to markers - if they bleed thru it will stain backing and show ghosting

3.  hard - if soft the constant use will wear it away bringing you down to the backer which will ghost

4.  Opaque- surface needs to cover what is behind it

5. Also their are no project able low gloss options with paint as there are with MarkaWall

What we do have is our MarkaWall-Vinyl Dry-Erase Wall-covering that can be put up like wallpaper and does not have the failings noted above.
Other Considerations with Painted dry erase we have heard from users!

1.  We hear installation requires a trained installer and paint must be applied in one coat with no seams or overlaps.

2.  we also hear that there is not the ability to just repaint a damaged area

3. We have hear that Permanent Sharpie markers WILL not come off where they are easily removed from any quality dry erase surface.

4. Our MarkaWall products will last much longer and clean much better in any business environment.

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