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Indoff    - offices nationwide
all items drop shipped from MFG
860-632-2028 Fax

Electronic Copyboards &
Interactive PC Board   
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MarkaWall FAQ's

Installation All Lines

or just call us 860.632.2026

Can I get the good form a local distributor?
In general no.  Most of the items we sell are more of specialty items that is why they are not at Staples and Office Max and are only stocked in regional warehouses.  Indoff's CT sales office sells nationwide and ships directly from the factory or the manufacturers distribution facility.     These FOB points are located all over the country and we work at getting you the lowest freight charge and fastest delivery.   Some items are UPSable and others must go by truck.

Where is on-line order form ?
We don't have one.  We take PO's, Prepayment and credit cards , we do not ship COD.
See Ordering for info about our credit policy or just print out our order order-form
or review our directory of answers.......

Where can I buy Dry Erase Paint ??

FAQ- One Custom Graphic whiteboard framed and printed

FAQ-Melamine why you not even consider it !