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Melamine is is a low quality plastic coating that is put on hardboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF).  It was developed as a low cost coating to approximate paint on low cost furniture.   It also happens to allow dry erase markers to be used on it "for a while".   The surface is not very hard , wears quickly and the markers will over time seep thru the melamine and stain the wood so that there is permanent ghosting.    

5 years ago there was only Melamine and ceramic steel as choices but today there are many options for dry erase material priced between melamine and ceramic steel (the longest wearing time proven surface).   Melamine is price at a bout a 1/3 of ceramic steel but really not recommended.

1.      How do MarkaWall products compare to melamine and porcelain?

Melamine is mainly used for small “throw-away” type boards found at office supply and discount stores.  Melamine is either a sprayed on or coated plastic surface on 1/8” or 1/4" hardboard.  It is also available as a high-pressure laminate (similar to Formica counter top).  Melamine can stain easily and certain chemicals may damage the surface.  Permanent markers usually cannot be removed from the surface.  Melamine is meant to be an inexpensive surface that can be thrown away.  It rarely is used in full wall applications and it is usually framed with wood or aluminum trim.  Standard size of melamine sheets is 4’ x 8’, but it is available larger.


Porcelain is used in virtually all types of installations, from schools to corporations.  Porcelain is produced as a chalkboard or a markerboard finish.  The finishes are produced by coating a ceramic (glass) finish to a steel sheet and baking it (similar to a charcoal grill or sink finish).  There are more colors available with the chalkboard finish.  The dry erase porcelain is available in white, beige and gray (custom colors can be produced).  Since it is glass, porcelain can chip if it is cut or sheared.  This chipping will not allow for clean seams.  Seams are typically finished with an unattractive H-Bar molding.  The main advantage that porcelain offers is that it is highly scratch resistant, and that it has a lifetime of the building guarantee.  Porcelain is available in four feet widths.  Some manufacturers offer boards up to 4’ x 16’, but these are difficult to ship.  Advantages of the Markawall products are the following: 1) seams are virtually invisible like wallcovering, 2) there is not a problem shipping markawall, since it is shipped in a small container, and it will fit in any elevator, 3) long seamless surfaces are only available with the markawall products, and 4) the ability to cover complete walls with horizontal seams to move the seams out of the main writing area. 


2.      Can you project on melamine or porcelain?

Yes you can - but you will see a definite “hot spot” or glare.  This “hot spot” can be described as the concentrated bright spot on the surface.  MarkaWalls’ nu×vu×wall does not have a hot spot or glare when projecting.  Erase×wall will have a very slight glow when it is used as a projection screen.  Just×wall and mag×wall have a slightly lower gloss than porcelain.  Ez×wall and melamine have similar gloss levels (high) that lower projection quality.


3.      Who generally purchases porcelain products?

Porcelain is used in all applications.  It is typically not used for smaller boards (under 3’ x 4’), unless these boards are installed as part of the contract with the other boards.  Porcelain chalkboards are typically used in grade and middle schools.  Markerboards are becoming the surface of choice for all grades, including colleges, with the use of more and more computers in classrooms. 

Alternates:   see

MarkaWall-Vinyl Dry-Erase Wall-covering

MarkaBoard-Fantastic Dry-Erase surface 
     especially our 1/8" HB - very economical and only 24% more than melamine in single pieces and egual at 10 sheets

if you need magnetic our MarkaRace steel  is a great deal( much less than ceramic steel)

for full sheets that can be UPS'd see MarkaFlexLam

Pieces can be sheared and cut for a $50 lot charge (in general)



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