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If you supply us with 1/4" inserts we can apply our Ohio aluminum Frame with or without our Plastic Marker Tray

below are some list prices subject to dealer discount for standard sizes bulk packed
minimum of 25 at a time price
No DaPlus included
Standard Sizes List      
9x12 $15.55      
12x18 $16.27      
18x24 $19.72      
20x30 $22.90      
24x24 $22.40      
24x36 $23.95      
30x40 $39.19      
36x48 $42.88      

About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   11/11/11