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In-Stock anodized extrusions to frame cork and marker boards.   Most ship from Ohio in 24-48 hours

Home Stock

Note - We sell extrusions and not kits.  Please be aware that you will be getting square cut  lengths that you will have to cut and bevel for you use.  L-Brackets, frame corners and Hanging brackets are available for some extrusions but must be ordered separately! 
** shipping of 8 ft pieces will incur UPS oversize charges - discuss with Jen x 116 **

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Basic items for whiteboards & dry erase wallpaper

Angle Brackets

Box Trays

Cork Trim IND-8  aluminum J-trim for 1/4" cork

Dry Erase Wallpaper & Paint Trim
Wallpaper trim
Box Tray very nice and safe
J-Cap for dry erase Wallpaper
Snap-On Ind-6 Aluminum finish Trim
Blade Trays  467 blade Trays   2031 Blade Tray

EZ-Hang Index for EZ
Frame, Clips and Brackets

Aluminum Trays for EZ-Hang  196 and 2032
EZ-2 is new Model EZ-1 is discontinued see at bottom

Forbo Cork Trim  used to edge 1/4" Cork

Frames for Boards
IND-10 1/8" hardboard frame
IND-2 EZ-Hang 1/4 and 1/2"

IND-7 Changeable Ohio Alum 1/4"

Framing by us of Your Screen Printed Boards

How to make a Ceramic Steel Board

Snap-On-Trim to finish edges
Use with Box Trays and Wallpaper
Snap-on Trim

J-Cap for dry erase Wallpaper.063" inside

J-trim  used to edge 1/4" thick Cork

L-brackets or Mounting Clips for Alum Boards
General Overall L-Brackets/Clips
Ohio Frame L-clip-Ohio
EZ-Hang Mounting Clip

Magnetic Trays  overview
for Steel  2031  49
for Glass boards


Maprail Index
Maprail Extrusions for Cork House Brand

MarkaWall specific Trim
Trays MACT1-1 and Trim MAT01-01 
All MarkaWall specific Trim pictures pictures
J-Cap for dry erase Wallpaper
Trim   &  Trim ordering details   
Snap-On Aluminum finish Trim
Snap-on-H-Bar 489 or IND-6 or Mat-01
MAT01-1 Picture

Ohio Aluminum  INDEX for framing
Extrusion 1/4 alum Ohio
Plastic Tray

Aluminum #196 Tray small 1.2"
Changeable Ohio Aluminum Tray

300 series Discontinued see All-Ext
20, 60, 100 trim Discontinues see All-Ext

More Poly Extrusion Pictures

Right Angle Bracket

Trays for markers and erasers
Blade Trays  IND-11  467   2031     Black
            2031 with Magnet back   49  
Master list of  Trays - all styles All-Ext
Box Trays
Magnetic Marker Trays
Marker Rings so tray is not needed
EZ-hang Trays

Plastic Tray snaps on Ohio Aluminum
Marker Tray Kits
Other Trays plastic/magnetic/acrylic

U-Channel  see U-Channel and J Trim

Wallpaper trim

Part # made in Cincinnati: Stock of IND
IND-1 Ohio Aluminum (old)
IND-2 EZ-Hang
IND-3 Tray Not in production
IND-4 Box Tray
IND-6 Snap-Trim

IND-7 Changeable Ohio Alum. (NEW)
IND-8 J-trim for cork
IND-9 J-Cap for Wallpaper
IND-10 1/8" hardboard U-Channel frame
IND-11 Blade tray


About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

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