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How to make a Ceramic Steel Board

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Ceramic Steel




Ann at ext 115 can quote you on the material you need.

1.....  Pick out a steel skin or backed steel skin at  Ceramic Steel

2       pick out an Extrusion at  All extrusions 

3.    Extrusions are normally sold as full lengths (must ship via truck).  There is a cost to cut large lengths so they do not create excessive length truck rates or so they and go  via UPS.   You will be charged for the scrap not sent.
      Please note=>   If you get cut pieces they are normally only square cut not mitered and generally are a bit longer. 
If you want them mitered to an exact size you need with either a miter cut or notching.
You need to know what you want and we will quote you.    We cannot design board for you.   There are no standard hardware kits with extrusions, therefore any angle brackets, corner brackets, mounting clips or trays needed must be ordered separately.

We can quote you pieces Miter cut to exact sizes or notched so there are less open joints.  However pieces are fragile when notched so shipping is a real problem and you must specify exact cuts or take our recommendations.  See example of dimensions we use to frame a 18.00 by 24.00 board Notched for 18x24.   This will take time to quote and be fairly risky.   Its really best if you Miter or notch the material you get from us and just order oversize pieces.


Full 45 degree Miter Cut

Typical Notch leaves spine so board looks more finished