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Ceramic Steel Skins


Home Repacks Painted Steel
Painted steel when a lower cost
dry-erase is needed


Type Width Gauge Skin or
$ ft2 Gloss
  shear $   Lead Time
K-Pro 4   Skin $6.40 Low/High   $5   2-3 days
K-Pro 4   7/16 +foil $9.50 Low/High        
K-Pro 5 ft 24 Skin $7.60 Low/High       2-3 days
K-Pro 5 ft 24 7/16 only $11.50 Low/High   $5   2-3 days
E3 4' 28 Skin $4.62 Low/High Colors $4 1 week
E3 4' 28 7/16 +foil $7.66 Low/High   $4   1 week
E3 4' 28 on 2 sides 7/16 $12.80 Low/High   call    
on E3 4' can get 3/16" and 1/2" also
E3 5 ft 24 Skin $6.68 Low/High *Eggshell $4   1 week
5' factory coils are 240 ft long and are available
E3 5 ft 24 7/16 +foil
no 1/4"
$9.72 Low/High *Eggshell $4   1 week
LCS 4   Skin $6.84 Low/High       4-6 wks
LCS 4'   EZ-stick $12.24 Low/High       4-6 wks
LCS 4'   1/4" HB $10.08 Low/High       4-6 wks
LCS 4'   7/16 Dura $10.44 Low/High       4-6 wks
LCS 5 ft   Skin $8.64 Low/High       4-6 wks
Painted Steel to
full skid
$3.30 many sizes not
P3-E3 Polyvision Skins   FOB NH  
K-Pro skins   FOB Ohio
Claridge 75 LCS-II  low gloss fob texas
Claridge 92 LCS-II high gloss and laminated low FOB  AR
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5' skin orange peel

Install Alliance Whiteboard Skin only

Claridge Skins for Markerboards and Chalkboards

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Alliance P3 Magnetic Backed for retrofitting

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Ceramic Steel
Low Gloss P3 the Projectable dry erase surface
Note -- P3 Low Gloss - not recommended for use with low odor markers

About P3 
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Surface information

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Alliance P3 Thickness

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Alliance P3 Markerboard Colors

Orange Peel on 5'


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Low Gloss P3 the Projectable dry erase surface
Note -- P3 Low Gloss - not recommended for use with low odor markers


Here are some list prices for P3 E3 skins Only  28 gauge
all prices below are per Square foot except loose trim and do not include crating, trucking , installation or tax
Polyvision 4' wide P3 or 5' Pre-P3 Retail per linear ft Retail
per sq ft
4' wide ft bare skin    
5' skin only **Orange Peel**    
5' skin backed 1/2"    
less than 10 cuts $4.00 per cut
cut charge per shear needed large amounts $2.00 per cut
shear length can handle max of  12 ft  max cut on long side
pieces can be any lenght but only can cut down 4' or 5' width only on lengths up to 12'
The most practical and economical way to rejuvenate old chalkboards is to install steel
skins (face sheets) over existing old, badly-worn chalkboards. Steel skins can be applied
on the face of natural slate, composition chalkboard, or slated plaster walls. Converts
old defective boards into permanent new markerboards or chalkboards of superior
quality which will provide many years of service. Sheets are shipped precut to customerís
specifications. Skins can be installed by qualified installer using 16A Adhesive, commercial
adhesive, or double-sided tape, in accordance with local building codes

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for printed steel skins see Printed Skins   10/16/2013