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A Ohio Stock has many sizes ready to go see

all widths are 4' in painted steel - no 5' available.     All are high medium to High Gloss
Some die sublimatable and some aren't
If big need call Allen at x 111 or email him at
Type precuts
quick ship
Gauge 4x8s
in stock
$ ft2 Die-
more info shear $   Lead Time
A singles     yes   Yes ++ Repacks     Ohio-Stock
A Pallets full pallet   yes   Yes ++ Repacks     Ohio-Stock
B         ??        
D         Yes +++       KY
E     yes            
Steel skins can be cut easily in a sheet metal shear but it generally is best to order them in quantity cut to size.
The most practical and economical way to rejuvenate old chalkboards is to install steel
skins (face sheets) over existing old, badly-worn chalkboards. Steel skins can be applied
on the face of natural slate, composition chalkboard, or slated plaster walls. Converts
old defective boards into permanent new markerboards of superior
quality which will provide many years of service. Sheets are shipped precut to customerís
specifications. Skins can be installed by qualified installer using 16A Adhesive, commercial
adhesive, or double-sided tape, in accordance with local building codes

for printed steel skins see Printed Skins  10/1/2021